5 best ideas to increase sales this Black Friday

Black Friday

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are the largest online selling days in the year. Last year, over US $24.2 billion was sold by online sellers around the world during BFCM.

With BFCM gaining popularity with customers and businesses globally, the 2019 sales shaping will be up to bigger and the competition will be more intense.

If you are an e-commerce business owner and want to generate larger sized sales this biggest shopping weekend, there are 5 ideas for Black Friday marketing campaign success.

Create irresistible promotions

A “jaw-dropping” sale is one of the key factors in promotion. Statistics indicate that 70% of consumers say price is the biggest determining factor of their shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, it’s important to craft an irresistible BFCM offer.

But Black Friday promotions are about more than sale. Many businesses have started to use a lot of promotions to draw in consumers. If you would like to stand out from your competitors, designing unique promotions may be a necessary job.

Here are several promotional ideas for your reference.

  • Offering a product bundle
  • Timed specials
  • Gamifying your offers
  • Give customers free stuff

Use social media to advertise holiday sales

What better way to increase Black Friday sales than with advertising in social media?

Advertising on social media is incredibly simple to attract an oversized variety of potential consumers and build a productive conversion. So, how do you get started?

1.Using content with higher engagement levels, such as: image, videos, gifs, and slide shows.

Gorgeous graphics and visual effects invariably catch people’s attention. And the more important thing is that the content should be tailored with specific interests and centered the Black Friday & Cyber Monday theme.

2.Empower customers to take an action.

Calls to action like purchase, browse more, which will prompt them to take actions.

3.incentivizing sharing

Also, a great way to get more impression is by incentivizing sharing. For instance, you can talk to your fans that “Sharing this and get 20% off”.

4.Higher ad budgets to outdo competitors

Build suspense and buzz around the Black Friday sales

Hint to your audience that there will be a mysterious product/gift be sent on Black Friday,which will piquing the curiosity of your customers. And the sooner you do, the more successful your sales will be.

Besides, email marketing also plays a significant role in the successful holiday sales which will remind your customers to check out Black Friday promotions and browse your online store.

Make sure your site work on mobile friendly

Usage of mobile devices has gradually exceeded that of the desktop that is means that most of information you are promoting is being viewed on mobile. So test how your store looks on a mobile to make sure that shoppers can easily navigate and make purchases on your site with their mobile devices without a problem.

Choose reliable omni-channel Logistics Services

As the last part of sales, logistics service is also crucial. For better or worse, it can affect your cost, timeliness, package safety and even store reviews. Especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with billions of packages circulating around the world, it’s easy to get stuck in traffic jams.

Therefore, when choosing logistics services, you can refer to the following Suggestions.

  1. Company qualification
  2. Order processing efficiency, such as: delivery rate; stock accuracy.
  3. Cooperation with international logistics companies.        

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