Impacts On Order Fulfillment Shipped From China To Europe by 2022 Russian Invasion

Recent days, the world’s eyes have been attracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since the sudden outbreak of Russian invasion not only brought serious impact to Russia’s and Ukraine’s economy, politics and culture, but also to the European economy. What’s worse, the mutual sanction between the big powers bring fatal shocks to product fulfillment shipping from China to Europe, and the air transportation in particular. Then we will reveal the impacts of order fulfillment shipping from China to Europe under Russia-Ukraine war (impacts on air transportation).

2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

I. Why Is Product FulfillmentShipping From China to Europe Affect By Russia-Ukraine War?

From the outbreak of Ukraine crisis in 2014 to the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war, the fundamental reason is the eastward expansion of NATO. If Ukraine joins NATO, Russia will lose its last barrier. So when it comes to Ukraine’s entering into NATO, Russia will not back down. The Russia-Ukraine war strained the relations between Russia and European countries, and affected all aspects of Europe to a certain extent.  

Under the impact of the COVID-19 in the past 1-2 years, Europe adopted loose monetary policies and inflation soared. The Russia-Ukraine crisis led to further increases in food prices and international energy prices, which intensified the inflationary pressure in Europe and the United States. The outbreak of the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war affected the security and stability of European region, make a heavy blow to consumer consumption and business investment confidence in European countries, and causing the European economy fall into recession.

As a result, the purchasing power of the European people decreased, the order fulfillment  shipping from China to Europe decreased, and the logistics solutions provides order fulfillment reduced. In addition, the continuous war hinders the logistics channel and distribution speed, and the delivery time was prolonged. After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, major countries imposed severe economic and financial sanctions on each other, restricting the import and export of crude oil and other resources, and prohibiting flight routes from sanctioned countries, making order fulfillment to Europe difficult.

Russian-Ukrainian war

II. How Did Russian Invasion Impact Product Fulfillment Shipping From China to Europe?

1.Less Orders Are Shipping From China to Europe

As the Inflation surged in Europe, and the Russia-Ukraine war has affected the security and stability of Europe regions, so the overall purchasing power of the European people has been slightly affected. Besides, flights shipping from China to Europe that routed through Ukraine have been detoured, and the delivery time is prolonged, so there orders shipping from China to Europe reduced.

2. Freight Rates Rise In Order Fulfillment Shipping From China to Europe

Affected by the Russia-Ukraine war, European countries, the United States and other countries imposed corresponding economic sanctions on Russia, restricting Russia’s export of oil, natural gas and other energy raw materials. As one of the world’s major energy exporters, the energy export restriction lad to the rise in European energy prices, and European logistics costs will rise accordingly. Brent crude is now increased 42% from around $70 in December 2020 to around $100 in February 2022, it’s estimated that the freight rates will be increased in near.

In addition, some flights were temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19, the amount of export Nucleic acid kits has occupied most of the market space, leading to the shortage of flights, and the air freight rate rose frequently.

3. Delivery Time Of Order Fulfillment Shipping From China to Europe Are Unsteady

Since the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the sojourn time of flights transferred in Europe increased by 43%, further suggests that the war had done massive disruption to Order Fulfillment Shipping From China to Europe. The order fulfillment has frequently been interrupted by the war, such as the sojourn time in European ports seeing a 25% increase for exports, and the sojourn time of transshipment cargo increased 43% in particular. 

III. How Did SFC Respond To The Impacts on China Fulfillment Shipping from China To Europe?

SFC is one of the largest China fulfillment centers, it has 15+ years experience in the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry, thus forming a sound order fulfillment system and accumulating rich experience in emergency response. It developed 60+ logistics lines and its business scope covers 220+ countries and regions around the world. Then how did SFC respond to the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on order fulfillment shipping from China to Europe?

 At the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War, SFC predicted the impact of the war on order fulfillment shipping from China to Europe in advance and took corresponding measures. During the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, SFC informed the potential impact of the conflict and promoted the logistics route taking off from Hong Kong, with a small orders transferred in Russia. Due to the fast shipping time of SFC shipping from China to Europe, there are fewer orders on the way. In-transit orders mainly take off from Hong Kong and will not be affected due to different routes. For the upcoming orders, SFC has immediately informed customers and provided flight transfer plans. For the flights that transfer in Russia before, diversion can be changed to ensure the delivery rate and delivery time.

 With a large number of routes, SFC can provide customized logistics solutions and packaging solutions according to customers’ budgets, so it can solve customers’ worries about the rising freight costs.

In a word, the Russia-Ukraine war will bring shocks to order fulfillment shipping from China to Europe, but it will not have a great impact on the normal transportation of SFC fulfillment center. To get SFC’s logistics solutions, please click: to get a free quote.

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