How to Effectively Manage the Warehousing and Logistics?

With the constantly development of the global e-Commerce, the cross-border circulation and purchase becomes more and more popular. The formation of the demand for global shopping not only boosts the rapid development of new business forms and models such as cross-border e-commerce, but also brings cross-border e-Commerce logistics a bright future. However, opportunities always exist with challenges. There are some problems suffered in domestics warehousing .

Storage, as the core of e-Commerce logistics operation, plays an important role in the transportation of e-Commerce logistics. Thus, paying close attention to its situation is of great importance for sellers and logistics providers. SFC did relevant researches and concluded that the domestic warehousing management was disorder, the efficiency of picking-up was relatively low, the cost in warehousing management was high, the development of storage equipment and technology was unbalanced and the standardization of commodity information was not high. As such, SFC proposed solutions to effectively manage the warehousing and logistics, and the specific solutions are as follows:

First, standardization of commodity information. As the commodity information management has been a headache of sellers, SFC attaches importance to the checkout of the quantity and quality of products before entering into the warehouse. For goods to be stored in the warehouse, SFC standardizes the customs declaration information according to the specification and size of the goods and takes SKU as the smallest inventory unit to manage. When it turns to the pickup process, operators can improve its efficiency since the previous orderly categorization.

pick and pack

Second, standardization of warehousing. SFC has a storage space of 71,649.88 square meters. The logistics area and storage area are managed by layers. The storage places of the goods are arranged according to the location, the goods are marked with a unified logo, and numbered independently, thus the quantity is monitored in real time. In the process of out-put and in-put the warehouse, goods are operated according to the shelf position information, thus they can be completed in a fast, accurate and convenient manner, the efficiency is improved and errors are reduced.


Third, advanced management system. SFC adopts WMS warehouse management system, which synchronizes inventory and store in real time and automatically updates quantity. The inventory accuracy reaches to 99.99%, and the inventory is updated in real time, supporting sync to stores in multiple platforms. Thus, sellers can manage easily since there are a great number of orders.

one-stop fulfillment

Fourth, automation equipment. SFC adopts automatic sorting model to cope with the peak season. The fully automated logistics sorting model processes 500,000 orders per day, and the manual error rate is as low as 0.01%, which fully guarantees the delivery needs of the store.

Fifth, fast delivery. SFC delivers good from the warehouse, 99% orders can be sent out within the day after labeling and packaging, which flexible responses to the demand in off-peak and peak season. SFC updates  inventory in real time, and reminds you to replenish immediately.

multi-channel delivery

Sixth, low warehouse cost. SFC provides the seller with 30 days free storage rent, saving time and cost. The cost is visualized and transparent, and there is no hidden charge.

SFC has engaged in warehousing and logistics for more that ten years, it has been researching on the industry trend. As it notices the challenge hiding in the opportunity, it takes the lead in proposing the above six solutions to ensure effectively management on warehousing and logistics.

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