How to choose the five dimensions of cross-border e-commerce logistics

Logistics is the backbone of cross-border e-commerce. The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce also means the development of international logistics. Both the buyer and the seller hope that their goods can reach the other party’s hands quickly when they reach a deal. So the logistics service provider is the key bridge. So how to choose good logistics, SFC will teach you to choose from five dimensions, comprehensively improve the performance of the store.

1. category
From the perspective of logistics, different product categories, choosing different logistics channels, logistics costs will also change. If the product is not electrified, it can take domestic and international flights, and the logistics cost is relatively low. Live or sensitive products require Hong Kong-international flights. In addition, at present, some logistics providers can help sellers optimize logistics costs according to product classification by virtue of years of experience accumulation in the logistics industry and process efficiency control.
2. price
The price of international logistics is one of the issues that sellers are concerned about. Secondly, the price is also linked to the time limit. The faster the speed, the higher the price will be. In terms of price, the primary concern is to see whether service providers provide transparent, reasonable, a stable quotation is very important. Can let the service providers clearly list a variety of charging items and billing methods, so that it is more convenient for long-term and stable cooperation.

3. The limitation
Timeliness is another important evaluation standard for logistics service providers by sellers, but when choosing logistics, we should not only look at the fastest time but at the average value of timeliness. The more stable the channel, the more guaranteed the delivery time control. Especially for customers during the hot sales period, the good transport capacity of logistics service providers can play a role like a tiger adding wings.

4. The distribution
Distribution Safety and security can avoid a lot of unnecessary after-sales trouble and loss. When the seller chooses the logistics service provider, the first thing to look at is how big the enterprise logistics scale is, and whether the whole link operation is professional enough to understand them. Next is the first and last process of distribution processing, the domestic collection of goods to see whether the warehouse allocation is easy to cause mistakes. First look at its access, customs clearance advantages, straight hair or multi-layer subcontracting. The destination country looks at the quality of landing delivery and the controllability of the final process.

5. Service
Service This is an important factor to consider in addition to timeliness and price. The logistics service level is the basis to reduce logistics costs. Logistics plays an important role in reducing costs, and the reduction of logistics costs must first consider the level of logistics service, on the premise of ensuring a certain level of logistics service to reduce logistics costs. In this sense, the logistics service level is the basis to reduce logistics costs. At the same time, the details of various services determine whether this logistics provider is worth relying on and trust.

6. Packing
Packaging is one of the most overlooked details that can be quickly controlled by the seller. And how to optimize the packaging is actually closely related to the seller’s warehouse management ability. However, the allocation of warehouses and mature operators is a huge investment for most sellers, which is not easy to land and requires a long time to optimize and manage. When that seller has not had enough capital, choose a third-party storehouse to match a company to be met more reasonably actually.
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