How to choose an order fulfillment company?

With the further subdivision of social labor, more and more enterprises begin to choose to outsource their logistics business to third-party logistics companies, so as to spare more manpower, financial and material resources to develop their core and advantageous business. However, to choose a third-party order fulfillment company is not only to transfer the business to a third-party logistics company for operation, but also to see the fit between the two companies in terms of service concept, corporate culture and other aspects, so as to achieve the goal of strong alliance.

Then, what aspect should be taken into consideration when choosing an order fulfillment company?

Define the direction and goal of fulfillment service

If a company chooses to outsource its fulfillment work, it must define its logistics direction and goal, what level of customer service it needs to achieve, what scope of cost it should control, and then choose the appropriate fulfillment service provider according to its determined goals. If there is no definite direction and goal before the selection, the deviation between service and cost will result in loss to the enterprise. Therefore, before selecting service providers, enterprises must do a good job in the internal evaluation, to determine a standard of selecting a fulfillment service provider.

Choose a service provider with good reputation in the industry

In the current third party order fulfillment market, we are all fighting for word of mouth. Word of mouth cannot be established overnight, and we need to persevere for a long time. In the logistics industry, word of mouth is much better than advertising effect. When we choose fulfillment service providers, we should also investigate their reputation, whether the orders can be delivered within promised timed, whether the damaged and lost goods can be timely compensated, the reputation of customers and peers should become our evaluation standard.

Choose flexible service providers

In the logistics industry, especially in the last kilometer of distribution directly facing consumers, the needs of customers are ever-changing. When choosing service providers, we should fully consider the business needs of target customers. For example, some customers will require early in the morning and overnight receiving, weekend receiving, this time we cannot choose nine to five, weekend double rest service providers. Some customers may temporarily adjust the time and mode of receiving goods according to their own needs, which requires the service providers to make adjustments at any time. When choosing service providers, we need to see whether the operation mechanism of service providers is flexible and can make changes at any time according to the changes of customer needs.

Choose the service provider with high information technology

In the era of mobile Internet, logistics is also transforming from labor-intensive to technology-intensive. When choosing service providers, we should also fully consider their informatization level, and the level of visualization and transparency of warehouse management, cargo transportation should become the standards for us to choose service providers. A service provider with high information technology is helpful for us to manage the goods and transportation in transit, and to transfer the inventory at any time, so that we can make decisions more quickly.

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