How can pick & pack fulfillment service save your money and time?

Have you been frustrated by spending hours to fulfill your orders but still make costly mistakes like using a wrong address, picking up the a wrong SKU? Your pick and pack process is probably laborious and inefficiently.

What you need is a pick and pack fulfillment service.

In this post, we will cover how a good fulfillment company can save your money and make the work easier.

What’s pick & pack fulfillment?

Pick and pack is part of the whole order fulfillment process, which will get your products ready for shipment to your customers. You first need to pick the right SKU, pack it and then affix a shipping label on it. And some value added services like marketing inserts may be applied.

For those who are not professional, it is whatever process that you take after receiving an order which needs to be shipped out.

As a seller, this process can either be implemented in-house or outsourced to a third party fulfillment company.

What can you benefit from a pick & pack fulfillment service?

pick and pack fulfillment service benefits

1.Focus more on your business

Using a pick and pack fulfillment service can greatly slash the time cost in logistics process which should has been put into marketing or other core things. What need to be done on sellers’ side is having your inventory be stored in the fulfillment company’s warehouse. When new orders generated, they will be imported to the fulfillment company’s system (if a fulfillment company has integration with your store already) and the fulfillment company will take care of the remaining works including pick, packing and labeling.

Since most fulfillment companies consolidate the whole fulfillment process into an inventory management system and order management system, and also are equipped with advanced fulfillment infrastructures and facilities, such as barcode, automatic sorting machines. The whole process becomes more precise and efficient, avoiding operational mistakes and shipment abnormal.

2.Keep a low inventory level

Fulfillment company like SFC can coordinate your products from your multiple suppliers and can provide seller real-time access to inventory level through our easy-to-use dashboard, giving your insights into which products are selling well and which are turning over slowly, and enabling you to take action proactively. Thus keeping a low inventory level and improve the utilization of your funds.

3.Reduce warehousing cost

There is no need to set up you own storage space and hire warehouse labors to manage your inventory by using a pick and pack fulfillment service, which save you a large amount of overhead. It is inevitable you have to lay off some warehouse staffs during off seasons if you carry out the pick and pack fulfillment yourself, otherwise it will incur unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, with partnering with a fulfillment company, the whole process is simplified, thus reducing the costs.

4.Enjoy a professional service

A logistics fulfillment company with pick and pack service can provide sellers with a standardized operation procedure and safe transportation by their rich experience in the field of logistics. Not only mailing process is optimized, but also a better delivery service.

5.Improve the shipping efficiency

In traditional way, it usually requires sellers to go to a courier company door to door to ship out their parcels, which is both time- consuming and inefficient. But if goods are stored directly to the logistics company, the integrated warehousing and logistics services can be enjoyed by relying on their perfect system and professional operation level.

In addition, a tracking code usually can be accessed immediately after an order is accepted and marked as “shipped” in the fulfillment company’s system, which enable a good purchasing experience to buyers.

6.Reduce logistics cost

For an order fulfillment company, they also provide shipping service besides pick and pack fulfillment. Fulfillment companies like SFC has partnered with more than 50+ couriers around the world, since they have steady and large volume shipments, couriers tend to confer them a price lower than the market price. When partnering with a fulfillment company, especially a company like SFC based in a manufacturing and logistics hub, which means a short domestic trip, you will save more on shipping part.

7.Be more competitive

The competitiveness of products is the basis of sellers’ survival. Using a pick and pack fulfillment service means a reduced labor, warehousing and shipping costs, and also a better buying experience, which undoubtedly increases sellers’ competitiveness.

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