Cross-border e-commerce product selection skills and experience

In the same case of cross-border e-commerce, why do some stores sell well while some stores are very dismal? One of the most important reasons is the selection of e-commerce products.

In cross-border e-commerce, products are at the heart of everything. Many cross-border e-commerce sellers like to say: cross-border e-commerce, seven points depends on the selection of products, three points depends on the operation. Choosing the right product is half the success of your business.

Market demands and consumption habits vary greatly from country to country, so full and careful research on the target market is essential to make a good selection. How different are the demands in different countries? Here is a simple comparison between the United States and the United Kingdom to help you find ideas.

1. Analysis of American consumer market

There are several distinctive features of American consumption. First, the popularity of new and strange products in the United States has something to do with American personality. Americans are relatively open and like to try new and special things.

Second, Americans are more likely to repurchase online. As long as the quality of products and services in your store can meet his needs, he will remember and trust you, so that he can make repeated purchases.

In addition, in the United States, automotive supplies and pet supplies are very popular categories, sellers can choose to lean in both directions.

2.Analysis of British consumer market

The UK market is very different.There are three kinds of products which sell well in Britain: rainproof products, short sleeves and dresses.

The UK is a country where it rains a lot, so products related to rain protection are popular, such as waterproof barbecue covers, car covers, shoe covers and so on.

Britain is also a country with indoor heating, and even in winter, it is possible to wear short sleeves indoors. So short sleeves can be sold all year round.

For British women, the dress is their favorite. Because of the rainy and colder climate in the UK, women do not have a particularly good place to go outside after work, so they choose to go to the pub to relax.

When British women go to the pub, they tend to be more conscious of what they are wearing, and they usually choose something more formal. So dresses are also one of the most popular categories in the UK.

The above is a brief introduction about the selection of products. When you plan to open a store in a certain country, you must do a good job of relevant research in advance, so that you can choose a good product and it is not easy to be upset.

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