SFC becomes order fulfillment partner with Shopify!

As a top professional order fulfillment company in China, SFC set up partnership formally with Shopify. Besides, SFC-China Order Fulfillment APP developed by SFC’s IT Team has also been published to the Shopify APP Store.

As we know, cross-border e-commerce, beloved by consumers around the world, has grown up apace in few years. At the identical time, it’s ever-changing as customers demand changes.

It’s quite clear that Shopify foresaw these changes and developed itself to a mature and distinctive e-commerce platform, serving to all the global sellers to build their brand. Similarly, SFC is constantly updating its China order fulfillment services to meet the needs of various stages of the e-commerce trade.

With 12 years in order fulfillment field, SFC focus on providing a one-stop China order fulfillment service for cross-border e-commerce sellers, growing together with them.

Now, SFC want to use its expertise to help more sellers fulfill order fulfillment through Shopify, permitting them to enhance e-commerce business more intently.

So, what does SFC-China order fulfillment Service APP do for the e-commerce sellers?

What is the “SFC-China Order Fulfillment Service” APP?

SFC App can manage orders from Shopify. By integrating your Shopify store with SFC, all your orders can be downloaded automatically to the SFC system; and SFC will fulfill and ship them out from SFC China warehouse to the doorsteps of your global customers.

china order fulfillment

SFC services include:

  • Receiving inbound items from your Chinese suppliers/manufacturers.
  • Quality Control to ensure correct quantities and no physical defects.
  • China Warehouse to keep your stock safe; complete with 24/7 security surveillance and insurance.
  • Pick & Pack the items on a first-in-first-out basis and fulfill your online orders within 24 hours.
  • Value-Added Services such as Labeling, Kitting, Assembly, Inspection, Repacking, Product Photography, Branding, etc.
  • Omni-Channel logistics services, taking care of shipping end to end to your customers

What convenience can SFC APP provide?

Almost no operation is required

SFC has a strong IT team to manage the order fulfillment system, which allows all the order fulfillment process to be done automatically with minimum errors.

Decision Making Made Easy.

SFC has many logistics partners and this is a key advantage of our order fulfillment service. With multiple shipping options from China to international destinations, sellers can select shipping carriers based on their preferences.

If that seems too many to choose from, fear not – as we have developed a convenient and simplified solution to help you decide so that you will not be overwhelmed by all the options available.

Meet the new demand.

SFC IT team try to add a new system feature to help sellers to improve operational efficiency.

And then, if a custom-built packaging program is needed to show the brand, SFC can also provide you with a perfect solution. For another, if you wish to send the product to rising markets like Israel, Brazil and alternative regions, SFC may be developed for this.

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