Amazon Prime Day Marketing Promotion Strategy

Amazon’s annual Prime Day membership day event is the peak of Amazon’s sales throughout the first half of the year. Moreover, sales orders on member days tend to be concentrated and rapid, not as long as the Q4 peak season. Therefore, for our Amazon sellers, whether we have reported Prime Day deals or not, we need to prepare a whole set of strategic gameplay so that we can strive to catch the express train of Prime Day! The following is an introduction to the Amazon member’s daily blasting skills:

1. Carry out advertising in advance and understand the product strategy

The advantage of ad placement in advance is that it allows sellers to understand the effectiveness of the placement in real time and the sales popularity of the product, so as to adjust the product selection and product keywords in time, and choose the most seasonally relevant ASIN.

2. Use product promotion to create hot products

Prime Day will bring huge traffic to the platform. A large number of Prime members will place orders on Prime Day. Therefore, sellers need to seize the opportunity and make good use of product promotion to greatly increase the traffic on the site.

3. Reasonably adjust the budget to maintain continuous exposure

If you want to get a higher conversion rate on the day of the PrimeDay event, it is inseparable from the increase in the overall budget. Therefore, sellers need to make budget adjustments based on keywords in time to gain more exposure. In addition, the bidding + function can also be turned on to further enhance competitiveness and obtain a good advertising placement.

4. Be prepared for off-site Deal resources

It is extremely important to arrange Deal resource work early, so that the brand and information of the product can appear in Google, and users can see it as long as they search, which helps buyers to understand the product’s activity information and situation outside the site in advance, so as to realize the warm-up for Prime Day.

5. Do a good job in inventory management

After all kinds of drainage work are implemented, the most important thing is to ensure sufficient product inventory, to ensure that product inventory during the event is greater than product sales, and to avoid the situation where orders cannot be issued on time. Therefore, the seller needs to estimate the quantity in advance, send the goods to the FBA warehouse on time, and be able to sell them in time. If the inventory is still lower than the sales volume in the later stage, the seller needs to prepare for the shipment in advance.

According to Amazon’s latest news release, 2021 Amazon Prime Day will be held globally on June 21st and 22nd. This Prime Day event will cover 20 Amazon global sites, including Amazon United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Belgium, Austria and Australia. During the event, global third-party sellers on Amazon will bring more than one million discounts to global Prime members.

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