3 Tips on Shipping Kickstarter & Indiegogo Rewards

When it comes to on which stage of a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project, should creators start to be on the lookout for shipping the rewards? The answer is the earlier, the better.

To fulfill a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project, there are quite a few steps involved which can be time consuming. A crowdfunding project fulfillment process includes receiving items from the manufacturer(s), packing and shipping and, for some physical rewards with many parts produced by different manufacturers, like board game, you also have to assemble them before packing. Besides, to please your backers and obtain your brand a good impression from them, you may want to append some marketing inserts. In addition, you all want your backers receive their long-wait rewards in good condition, so you have to assure that your products are well protected to deter shaking damage during the long distance transport, especially for those consist of various parts.

If you are thinking of shipping your Kickstarter or Indiegogo rewards in-house, all of mentioned above are not easy things for creators, especially if it is your first project. It needs you to have rich experience in products packing /shipping worldwide and have a deep cooperation with express couriers. What’ more, you will need a warehouse and labors to do all those pre-shipping works before distribution. If you have already fulfilled your previous crowdfunding projects by yourself before, you know how tedious it could be.

As a crowdfunding fulfillment company, we have prepared some tips on shipping Kickstarter and Indiegogo rewards based on our cooperation with project creators from these two crowdfunding platforms.

  1.Do a research on similar projects

Do a survey on similar projects to estimate where your backers might be located then you can decide whether you want to ship to some regions where you know your backers are based or to some larger, more global communities then you will have an overall control of your shipping budget.

2.Identify your packing needs and determine how your rewards will be shipped

There are a huge difference between different rewards. For some fragile or multiple parts rewards, like glasses and board game, they are expected to arrive in backers’ hand in mint condition, therefore some special packing materials are needed, like bubble wrap, protect corner, etc. Meanwhile, work out how long will you like the rewards can be received by backers to determine the most effective shipping methods in an early stage of your project to estimate the more correct fulfillment budget and make an exact timeline.

  3. Collect backers’ address early and leave yourself more leeway

The time will be cost to collect backers’ information is longer than many creators think. Incorrect or incomplete address information will lead to package return issues which results in cost rising and negative comment from backers. Collecting backers’ information early to give yourself a little more room to avoid evitable costs.

Now you may find out that shipping rewards is much complex than you thought, don’t worry! With more than 1,000+ projects having been served, SFC has the confidence to help you out with shipping your rewards! Check our performance and get a free quote from us!

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