3 Essentials of Choosing Your Shopify Shipping Fulfillment Partner

In the past, the self-introduction of ecommerce sellers was usually “I am selling on a certain ecommerce marketplace”. Those who observe carefully will find that in the recent years, many sellers have used “I am selling products with my Shopify store”.

Why is there such a shift in ecommerce industry?

With the increasing competition on third party ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, ebay and their policy restrictions, it has been increasingly difficult for sellers to make sales growth. Hence more and more sellers have turned to find the new emerging markets and build their own online store.

Among numerous ecommerce platforms, which platform is the best suit for a company just started with an online store, the short answer is Shopify, which is filled with tools for launching a site within minutes.

However, for those who just started an online store, obtaining the first order is not that easy and needs you to put in much energy, time and even money, especially for those who have little marketing experience. If you also just started your Shopify store, we can image how excited you were when you saw the first blue dot appeared on the order bar on your Shopify backend. But to be frank, there is a long way ahead to scale up your business which primarily depends on the marketing efforts you will put into. Besides obtaining orders, fulfill orders successfully is another important aspect for a successful business. However, shipping fulfillment for your Shopify orders is length and will consume most of your time which should be put into the more important part—growing your sales. So it is ideal for you to find a Shopify shipping fulfillment partner to utilize their expertise to fulfill your orders easily, quickly and accurately.

Why choosing a Shopify order fulfillment partner?

There are many benefits to find a 3rd party fulfillment company to fulfill your Shopify orders, such as lower shipping rates, reduced operating costs and a broader reach to help you grow into new markets.

Many order fulfillment providers have discounted shipping rates with various shipping carriers for both domestic and international shipments. If you have ever filled out forms for an international shipment for customs, you probably know how tedious it is—but you can leave that to your order fulfillment partner.

How to choose a Shopify order fulfillment partner?

When you make up your mind to find an order fulfillment partner to fulfill your Shopify orders, there are some ingredients should be taken into consideration.

Seamless integration with Shopify

In order to put your working emphasis on growing your business and reap more orders, it is crucial that the fulfillment company you partner with is well integrated with Shopify, namely it should be a tech-driven company to fulfill your orders automatically.

As a leading fulfillment company based in China, SFC has developed seamless API integration with Shopify which can download users’ orders automatically to our order fulfillment system, then our well trained warehouse staff will pick & pack your orders and ship them out directly to your end customers and system will also update the tracking number to you and your customers after shipment! Since the whole fulfillment process is seamless and automatic, thus saving you a large amount of time and avoiding you from hassle of tedious manual work. Apart from these automation advantages, we also offering users many custom settings to make the fulfillment process more convenient and time saving, such as shipping method preference setting.

-Strong order processing capacity

The order processing capacity cannot be neglected when selecting your Shopify fulfillment partner. As your business grows up, you will find that the ability of quick response to implementing order delivery significantly impacts your brand loyalty, especially during the peak season. As per some industry data, when making a buying decision, buyers are influenced by the time frame you fulfill an order. Shortening the time of completing order delivery depends on two parts—order pre fulfillment and shipment.

With years of experience of serving ecommerce sellers and equipped with top-notch sorting machine and barcode technology, dedicated workers and spacious warehousing space, SFC has strong order processing capacity to guarantee perfect order delivery performance. Besides, SFC is located in one of the biggest product manufacturing and transportation hub in China—Shenzhen, which dramatically reduces the domestic transporting time.

-Worldwide shipping methods

As aforementioned description, fast and economic shipment will drive buyers’ buying decision and cultivate their loyalty to your brand. Satisfying your buyers is also our objective!

SFC has solid partnership with many international shipping couriers, like DHL, UPS, etc. Hence we have the confidence to provide the best shipping solution to your business, which can be effective and economic.

If you are running a Shopify store and selling made in China products, then SFC can be a wise alternative for your Shopify order fulfillment. Interested? Get a free quote now!

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