12 actionable tips to drive shopify sales

With the supervision and restriction of marketplaces becomes more and more stringent, the self-built ecommerce website has been trendy among many ecommerce sellers. And when it comes to ecommerce, shopify is the first name goes into many sellers’ minds. Want to set up your own shopify store or you already have one? Here are 7 actionable tactics to drive more sales regarding shopify stores.

Make your store “live”

Update your banner monthly, stores with banners remain more than one month will run risk of a reduced conversion rate.

Create activities for every holiday, including EDM and on-site activities.

Keep the latest review always within the latest one week.

The website theme can be changed periodically.

Use prize draw, popup and other applications appropriately.

Update the discount code frequently.

Make your store local

Clearly define your store.

All information on “About us”, “Contact us” should be true and consistent.

The nationality of the model corresponds to the website.

The text should be local.

Customer service time is consistent with the destination country’s time.

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